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Trinity lakes is ready to break ground

Posted by Bob Heilman


Secret Projects… what?

Posted by Bob Heilman


What do we do when we’re itching to show off projects on the board that are still confidential? We show a sneak peek!

With permission of our clients, we can tell you that our office is actively working on an urban mixed use project in Orlando.

Surf and Turf

Posted by Bob Heilman

this is a small one story cottage on a tight site with a hardy exterior and a tranquil modern interior.

UCF Rosen College Expansion

Posted by Bob Heilman

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality design is complete and ready for bidding.

Tight site

Posted by Bob Heilman

We’re working on a site with very little room but incredible views. The setbacks squished us up 3-stories to fit it all on the postage stamp site. The living spaces are all oriented to the easterly sunrise view.

Pop House

Posted by Bob Heilman

here’s a fun, kitschy modern house with a lively porch that has a sliver view of the ocean

Rosen College of Hospitality Management at UCF is expanding

Posted by Bob Heilman

The 40,000 SF 2-story building will be funded by private donations and the Harris Rosen Foundation and will honors the life and legacy of Adam Michael Rosen who passed away from brain cancer. The building program includes student meeting and education spaces as well as offices for faculty and staff.

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